Compose a 2500 words essay on An investigation into the issues related to the key stage 2/3 (primary school to secondary school) transfer with particular reference to ICT (information commun. Needs to be plagiarism free!

This has brought about greater regulation and emphasis on the primary to secondary transition of children and the utilization of information and communication and technology to make this transition easier and more meaningful for the children. (Lucey, H., & Reay, D., 2000).

The delivery of information,

communication and technology at the Key Stage 2 is based on the National Curriculum for England DfEE/QCA 1999. This document clearly spells out the objectives and these can be seen in the words of the document, “Information and communication technology (ICT) prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technology. Pupils use ICT tools to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information responsibly, creatively and with discrimination. They learn how to employ ICT to enable rapid access to ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures. Increased capability in the use of ICT promotes initiative and independent learning. with pupils being able to make informed judgements about when and where to use ICT to best effect, and consider its implications for home and work both now and in the future.” (Leadership and Coordination).

In keeping with these objectives ICT is incorporated into the manner in which subject content is delivered in the different subjects that form the study matter at this level. ICT deals with the handling of electronic information in text, numbers, images and sound forms. This information can be created, processed and communicated in several different ways, such that it is acceptable to the target audience of the children. The tools that are used for imparting ICT include computers, whiteboards, video recorders, tape recorders and other devices that are capable of generation and reception of signals through satellite technology. ICT is so adapted to suit the ability of the children and is

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