Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on What do you understand by the term racism Using examples from one of the areas of policy we have covered, explain the existence of racism in contemporary Brita. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

People in the same race may be very different from each other in terms of appearance and even genes, even more different than someone who is not in the same race. Therefore, dividing people into races makes no sense biologically. (Weston T, 2008)

What exactly is Racism? Many people equate this with mistreatment of minorities while some equate this prejudice and stereotyping.

It is not that easy to be defined because racism is not a thing. It has no mass and it can have subjective opinions. A lot of different definitions of racism have been given by a lot of different people. For the ease of understanding, we will be using the following definition of Racism throughout this paper.

Racism and the theory of evolution have a connection. People justify racism by saying that according to the theory of evolution, the strongest continue to exist. Hence any group that has a advantage over another group has a right to dominate and completely eradicate the weaker faction. Therefore the week cliques get removed from the gene-pool, which makes the species strong and more powerful as a whole. In short, they say that by practising racism, they remove the weak from the society and this in turn benefits the world as a whole. These people either misinterpret the true theory of evolution or use it to justify what their actions. Evolution does not lead to racism – ignorance, fear and bigotry do. (Barnett, A., 1998) What they don’t realise is that racism only creates frustration among the weaker groups and by practising this, the third generation of human rights are breached.

The trend in racism has changed dramatically since the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre. At first it was more of racial discrimination. Now racism is more about religion. Muslims all over the world are now looked down upon and the world has now experienced something called ‘Islamophobia.’

As Kevin Smith said, Access to healthcare should be a right, not

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