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the cultures have undergone an immense change under the impact of current globalization and advancements in the communication technology which renders the results of Hofstede’s study as obsolete.

Wibbeke and MacArthur (2013) studied the cross cultural leadership competencies called geoleadership that explain the leadership competencies of a person in culturally diverse environment. These dimensions include

A capable leader has the skills to develop strong professional relationships based on trust and respect with people from other cultures across the horizontal and vertical hierarchy of the organization.

Each project is unique in terms of its context, environment, objectives and the individuals who are part of the project team. Schwartz (1992) highlights that most of believe in universalism of our values. Lomranz (1976) argue personal space as the right distance measured by the cultural values. Evans and Edward (1973) describes that few cultures close distance between the persons is common like in Mediterranean cultures while in other cultures people maintain a specific distance. People from Vincentian culture may find the people from Jamaican culture as aggressive simply due to their high tone of voice. Wong (2007) is of the opinion that America culture values originality and distinctiveness at workplace despite the importance of team work where Americans may view cultures as weak who do not possess such characteristics which is a misconception than truth. Further, American businesses may seek benefit from characteristics of support and agreement in other cultures. The freedom of speech and expression of personal views in a fearless manner can be valuable for people from cultures who do not encourage such behavior. Bond et al (1985) explains that friendly insults are acceptable in American culture. Similarly, American culture is time bound is they tend to maintain their schedules for meetings and other activities where perspective of time may be quite fluid

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