I will pay for the following essay Bereavement Support Group. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I have a husband and 2 other children (ages 8 & 6). Im shocked, I feel sad, lonely, and isolated, especially being away from my country and my family. Im struggling in my studies and also being forced to continue to deal with everyday life once again as if nothing had happened. Through my exploration,

research and groups I am able to present what I have found among those dealing with the grief process and support groups.

Support groups commonly were found to share certain traits and built on certain underlying principles and theories while also allowing freedom to stray from those boundaries set by society and prior studies as to what is expected and what the actuality of the situation is. Backgrounds among those who participated in one group study included nursing, social work, counseling, pastoral care, and genetics (Supiano, & Vaughn-Cole, 2011).

Foundation of trust is key to any support group. establishing & maintaining trust is directly related to the leader & the leader’s style, ability to communicate and also their sensitivity to each within the group and where they are in the healing process.

Group facilitators are educated in numerous ways and come from many professions. They must be able to utilize open ended question to draw out members to share. Previous experience with death, grief, bereavement, and loss are important. Many group leaders have themselves experienced grief and loss. Health care setting students who participated in and organized a group were comprised of 80% who had person prior direct experience with grief and loss.

Chronic sorrow can result when there are no coping mechanisms learned, it is persuasive, misunderstood and usually a continuing and resurgent grief. Though it more often related to a long term illness or dementia there is also persistent cases in those who have found no closure. Chronic sorrow is instigated by trauma and events such as the loss of a child and bereavement are very traumatic experiences (Roos,

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