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s between the two ideologies as explicated by them are that the followers of Fascism were believers in the formation of Single-Party state, and they also believed in the theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ i.e. the perpetual conflicts of the nations and the races needs to be tackled by being strong which is the main positive step that can be taken towards a healthy survival and to combat against the weaker mass.

They efficiently managed to suppress or forbid any and every sort of opposition and criticisms against the authorities and their level of oppression by particular movement, which was adopted by them most popularly known as the Fascist Movement. The political upbringing of the party strongly incorporated the elements of both capitalism and communism, or neither ways as believed by many of the historians. They eventually became just like the Fascists as defined who were both Leftists and Rightists. The goals of these kinds of the authoritarian nationalists and radicalists were well against the class conflicts as they blamed the capitalist liberal democracies for that, as well as the communists who they aggressively term as the exploiters of these class conflicts. (Turner, 162. Staff & Welch, 57) Automatically the question comes in mind that why Hitler developed such approaches and developed the Nazi force on the foundation of such belief. Analysis of his autobiography gives several clues to us through which we understand that development of certain ideas since his very childhood and youth are actually responsible for generating such ideologies and their implication in the philosophical approach of Nazism.

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.In the year 1918, Germany was defeated in the World War I and the nation was compelled to sign the historical Treaty of Versailles. gradually the philosophy followed by the National Socialists was facing a total crisis. They had a preoccupied notion that the war efforts were being by the Jews of Germany and this was definitely a matter of

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