I will pay for the following essay Discuss and critically evaluate theoretical models of adaptation to imprisonment. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Consequently, the change of environment requires one to develop changes so as to adjust to the new life behind bars.

To better understand how prisoners cope with life in confinement, scholars have devised theoretical models explaining the variations in different responses from prisoners. The models either focus on individual characteristics or immediate environmental settings that may seem alien to a person. This paper discusses the deprivation model that focuses on the pressures the inmates’ face, the importation model that gives a dissection of how the system and situations outside the immediate prison conditions affect individuals, and the combined model, which mainly focuses on governance and monitoring of inmate behaviour.

According to Reid (2011), the deprivation model’s primary influences to adjustment in prison life are the deprivations experienced in prison and the pains of confinement. Inmates get deprived of their liberty, heterosexual relationships, restricted motion and family ties (Reid 2011). In addition, they face imminent danger of insecurity, loss of control and need for goods and services they enjoyed in the free world. According to Dhami, Ayton and Loewenstein (2007, p.1086), “prisoners ranked missing somebody as the most severe problem, followed by missing social life, feeling that life is wasted, and missing sex”. The model explains the adaptations that individuals will develop in relation to the aspect of confinement like institution type and prison sentence.

Diverse patterns of getting used to prison life emerge when analysing prisoners who have spent different amounts of time in prison. For instance, first-time prisoners will show limited behavioural adaptations compared to long-term inmates, who demonstrate increased involvement in work and other activities and reduced casual interaction with other inmates.

The most deprivation that inmates suffer from is loss of liberty, which includes

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