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Case can be referred to the European Court of Justice for final judgments.

Commission has general responsibility of promoting good industrial relations in Ireland. In regard it provides a comprehensive range of industrial relations services including advice, conflict resolution,( conciliation facilitation and mediation) and conflict prevention.

Conciliation is a voluntary mediation process. In this process, a professional external mediator assists employers and their employees to resolve disputes when their efforts have not succeeded. The process can be described as a facilitated search for agreement between disputing parties.

The Labour Relations Commission through its conciliatory process assigns a mediator, known as an Industrial Relations Offices (I.R.O) who acts as an independent, impartial chairperson in discussions and negotiations between the negotiating teams that represent the employer and the employees. Their task is to assist them in their efforts to reach a mutual acceptable settlement to their dispute.

For conciliation, a series of meetings are involved that usually take place on the same day. The process starts with industrial relations officer chairing a joint meeting of the parties representing the parties separately. The first meeting enables the IRO to hear the parties assessment of the dispute. Subsequent meetings explore the possibilities for a settlement.


International Law &amp. Conventions

International Law which is binding in all members of the United Nations which have been adopted in the members countries have become an important source of Irish Law.

Conventions which also require U.N members’ ratification have equally become a source of Law in Ireland.

The Advisory Powers and Role:

The Advisory service division with employers and trade unions in dispute situations to develop effective industrial relations, practices, procedures and structures that best meet their needs. The division is independent, impartial and experienced in industrial relations practice and theory.

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