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Efforts had been undertaken to resolve the said situation. From a total of 42,988 cases in 2007, the number of teenage pregnancy decreased by 3.9% in 2008 which is equivalent to 41,325. Although the government failed to achieve the goal of cutting the number pregnancy rates by 50% from that of 1999,

significant results had been recorded. In other regions such as the North East, the highest rate recorded had been in 2008 specifically for pregnant cases under 18 years old at 4.9% while East of England had the lowest rate, 3.14% (Department for Children Schools and Families, 2009)

In the social context, teenage pregnancy is viewed on varying light on the basis of the effects that it can bring about to the life of the young teenage mother, the child and the people related. One side criticizes the situation on the basis of the negative effects of teenage pregnancy. On the other side, opposing groups can perceive the presence of positive attribute in the event of a teenage girl’s pregnancy. (This one has no reference because it’s my point of view).

Due to the significant effects of the issue on teenage pregnancy, a presentation and study of the opposing sides had been undertaken. The study is aimed to present the two sides of the issue on teenage pregnancy on the basis of the negative effects and the positive effects.

Resolutions to the issue on teenage pregnancy are being established and applied to be able to lessen the negative effects and repercussions on the life of the people involved such as the young mother, the baby, the immediate family and the community. There are different detrimental effects associated with teenage pregnancy.

One negative effect is in the physiological aspect of both the mother and the baby. It had been known that there is a considerably high level of health risk associated to the teenage pregnancy (Blank, Goyder and Peters, 2003). Included in the health risks are poor mental health for the baby, the mother and other

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