Compose a 750 words essay on Describe your decision making process in choosing physical therapy as a career choice versus other health care careers. Needs to be plagiarism free!

There are various roles that are played by the physical therapists in different fields such as healthcare and hospitals among others. A plan and a process are followed and established by a physical therapist to take care of the problems in the human body regarding the physical functions.

The physical therapy as a profession has emerged after the World War II and has expanded,

developed and grown its self-sufficiency. The physical therapy in the present day context possesses positive, skilled and specialized practitioners on the edge of healthcare and is determined to be one of the most preferred careers to choose. In this day and age, physical therapists are engaged in playing major roles in the field of healthcare by providing services regarding the physical functioning of the human body.

I am choosing physical therapy as a profession that I have set a goal to continue to do in the years to come and to help people and take care of them regarding the physical problems of the body. I love to help and take care of the people. I feel great to see that someone is progressing and recovering from the problems relating to the physical function of the body with my help. The aspect of supportive skill which is possessed by me would certainly provide benefit while dealing with the people as in the healthcare profession it is extremely important. I also possess the aspect of care and compassion which is a valuable and pertinent characteristic that would enable me to handle the people suffering from various physical problems with empathy.

Everyone should love their professional career and should enjoy working with the aim to move ahead in future. If a person is not satisfied with the career and the work he/she is engaged with, or is not enjoying the work, he/she will not make any progress in respect of the field of career he/she is working in. As I love to help people, I have opted for physical therapy as my profession. A number of my family members and

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