I will pay for the following essay Global transportation issues and challenges. The essay is to be 48 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

nges and issues in the transportation industry that require consideration and concentration to build a better transportation industry throughout the world. The study utilized a quantitative methodology, distributing a survey to real-world sector professionals which was underpinned by the various challenges and problems uncovered in an exploration of industry reports and existing empirical research. In total, responses from 28 professionals in the trucking sector were collected. Based on all secondary and primary findings, the study found that the most dominant and extreme challenges in the transportation industry include gas tax burdens, technology resistance, infrastructure quality and integrity, driver shortages in the trucking sector, environmental regulation non-compliance and congestion. Significant challenges identified through research included maritime sector return on investment and market volatility, and problems with multilateral agency cooperation to achieve effective sustainable transportation. The study further proposes a series of recommendations to potentially mitigate the most significant and extreme challenges for the industry.

Transport is one of the most crucial activities in society, which is a necessity for establishing a developed and thriving civilization. Regardless of whether transport occurs by sea, land or air, there is an excess of complicated challenges that must be considered and overcome in order to ensure that citizens maintain opportunities for mobility, to reduce costs within this sector, and ensure the establishment of positive and thriving trade. In today’s developed economies, customers demand products and services that have been produced in countries throughout the world, such as wine from South Africa or even inexpensive computing systems from Korea (De Nazareth, 2011). to name only a few demands. This makes the establishment of a quality transportation infrastructure substantially critical to meet the complex and

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