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I try to maintain these values and improve them when possible. The efforts are adequate to allow me to achieve a level of success I want in these areas. In my opinion, I am required to improve in the community area. I need to contribute more to the society by offering my services to the benefit of the people around me.

Personally, I would love to work in an organization with a strong culture. I have a high need for a success as an individual. This enables me to easily adapt to the attitudes and the behavior of the hardworking members of the organization. In addition, I can be comfortable with a strong-cultured organization. The high levels of need for success required me to have affiliations in order to achieve the needed success. Therefore, I have the agreeableness personality that enables me to get along well with people as we labor together to a common objective (Lussier & Achua, 2010).

On the other hand, I am well accustomed to diversity at the workplace. My high need for affiliation leads to an open experience with variety of cultures from the people I relate with. As an individual, I enjoy working with a diversity of people because they offer different perspectives of ways through which things are to be done. This helps to broaden my approach with respect to diversity. Furthermore, the same people have different beliefs and customs. Therefore, I easily learn to respect them and work with them towards success of our individual tasks and those of the organization.

This self assessment test is meant to test my personality, leadership and change. That is, the ability of employing either the strategic leadership style or the change leadership style. The strategic leadership is normally based on personality of an individual other than charismatic and transformational leadership. As an individual, I am a strategic thinker. With respect to my future business plans for the coming three years, I normally focus on long-term planning where I make choices based on

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