Write a 3 page essay on 3.As new media shapes our contemporary world, ethics and the rules of the game change along these shifts. Discuss the significance in these changes based on the readings for weeks 6 and/or 7. Do you think living in the U.S., in particular, New York Cit.

PR offices of the governments, military institutions and corporations deliver transformed or fake news through the media either to increase awareness of some products or services, or to promote certain political policies and ideologies, or to hide important facts, financial problems, and human losses from the public to control it (Jo and Shim, 2008). Thus, even if it is sometimes hard to be proved, majority of the media is largely manipulated by the governments and other institutions to form preferable opinions, attitudes and behavior.

The influence of media on public opinion can be seen not only through the means of advertising, but also through the bias with which they choose the content and the way to present the news (Lewis, 2008). Emphasis on the emotional rather than the factual aspects of all the news in order to submit to their feelings instead of seeking the guidance of their reason is another method frequently used in the United States. However, the most obvious evidences of media manipulating the public opinion can be noticed from political perspective. Earlier media ‘revolutions’ affected political behavior and cultural perceptions in equally powerful ways. Nowadays the mass media became the battleground between competing groups within government and throughout society. In a democratic society of the United States it is through media and the communication process that people see and define the world, especially concerning the atmosphere around the policymaking process (Lewis, 2008).

The evolution of media was greatly influenced by globalization, thus causing a tremendous social change. No one can repute the fact that people are no longer connected to each other through the central meeting-ground of mass television. Instead, the public is being offered the multiplication of numerous channels. Television is no longer able to function

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