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said to be parallel to ascent which is described in the cave parable implying that for all terms in epistemological promotion there exist corresponding different objects or object. Looking at the analogy of divided line, it is worth noting that forms are different from things which are perceptible. Also, accessing epistemic things is not related in any way to intelligent forms.

The stages in the ascent of the cave are given as prisoners being chained, prisoners in the cave who are not chained, those who use sun’s light to view things which are perceptible and those who see the sun and understand the power of the sun. States of mind which are four in number are distinguished as for four unique stages using the ascent from the cave as3:

The unchained prisoners who are not able to be up the steep which was considered to be steep saw artifacts and fire that casted shadows on walls4. Such prisoners are said to see more clearly and correctly since they were seeing what is closer to real or more real. However, before prisoners grew accustomed to what they saw, they are forced to think the shadows are true as compared with what they were then able to see.

The prisoners, who managed to be in the cave via the rough steep wall, are said to be in day light and they are dazzled at the beginning. After the dazzling they saw shadows, reflections and perceptible things in that order5. Afterwards, they saw the sky, the moon and the stars.

The prisoners who managed to be out of the cave are said to have seen the real sun or the sun as it is. After seeing the sun itself, they realized that the sun is responsible for the change of years and seasons. Such prisoners are said to have overseen everything in topos of visibility. This group of people is said to have seen all the visible. they have attained the final goal of visibility. The sun is responsible for the provision of light which is used in seeing things. This sun is viewed to be analogous to good6.

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