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This paper will review the dissimilarities between the two, and what brands the two so differently.

One of the key dissimilarities that exist between art and design is the purpose in which they are created. The work of art starts from nothing other than an empty canvas. Through feeling and opinions, works of art are put on canvas that brings out what the artist feels. They are inspired by these emotions which then capture the attention of the audience (Fichner-Rathus 89). Designers, whether starting on a new piece, will always have a fixed point from where to start. They are used to communicating something that people already know exists. By doing this, they motivate the audience to do something with regards to another form of art.

The interpretation of the messages communicated by art and design is also a difference between the two. Artists set out to convey a certain message. However, it is usually not always certain if the massage being conveyed has one or many meanings. As there are many interpretations for different art by different audiences, art connects differently with people. Designs are meant to convey a meaning (Fichner-Rathus 95). If they convey something different other than what the designer intended, then they have not met the requirement.

The taste exhibited by the audience is likely to judge art and design differently. The taste that an audience may exhibit might determine how they interpret the message being brought forth by a piece of art. Likes and dislikes can alter the interpretation of the message, and the meaning by an artist. Design, regardless of taste, can be successful (Fichner-Rathus 97). If a certain design achieves the objective of making the audience do a task, it is only a matter of opinion if it is exceptional or poor.

Art and design are seen differently. Exceptional art is seen as talent, whereas exceptional designing technique is considered skill. Artists have the natural ability to put creativity on a canvas at a

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