Write a 2 page essay on How organizations or manager effectively to use structural and transactional approaches to prevent or alleviate the stress at work.

These refer to the psychosocial working conditions in the work place that cause individual stress and negative emotional experience in the workplace. The best explanation of this approach is the Karasek’s Demand-Control Model which explains that when the job demands are high and control over the outcome is low, the individual is highly stressed and especially over the performance outcome. When the demands of the job are low and the control is low as well, the job is passive. This is equally similar to when the demands are low and the control is high as the worker will still experience low strain and hence minimal stress (Barley, Meyerson & Grodal, 2011).

In order to prevent this type of stress, it is important to balance the demand even if the control will still be high. This will mean providing a work-life balance which will minimize the demand as well as handle employee relations effectively while still balancing the issue of increased computerization in the workplace which is not only demanding but draining and controlling (Barley, Meyerson & Grodal, 2011).

This is the approach which deals purely with the psychological mechanisms and stressors. According to this approach, work stress is caused majorly by psychological issues such as the process of appraisal, decision making and even lack of coping mechanisms in each and every employee. It is the work environment that demands a lot from an individual leading to threatening their psychological well-being and hence hindering performance.

In order to alleviate work place stress identified by this approach, it is important to identify which are the psychological stressors in the work place first. Other than those mentioned above of decision making and appraisal, others include the emotional demands of the work which are likely to cause emotional breakdown which is psychological. There is also the workplace violence, harassment, bullying or even discrimination that is directed towards

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