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cesses and spaces for people find themselves stretching the provisions of prototyping elements to communicate and explore what it will require to integrate or understand the design concepts that are being developed.

In this project, prototype has been used as a representation of the model made prior to the final artifact. It has been created to direct the design decisions and design process of the game. Generally, prototypes range from illustrations (sketches) and various kinds of models at different levels-“works like”, “behaves like” “looks like”-to find and find and inform on the propositions relating to the model and its background (Wilson, 2010).

Within the modeled interactive system, prototype is key activity. Many a group of researchers and designers have been acting in extending the limits of prototyping the provisions of traditional techniques. They have also developed the understanding of the importance of different kinds of prototypes. For example, Hill and Houde discuss different purposes for archetypes as being important in the function an artifact all will achieve, its “feel and look” and how the system will be configured. Other works have described such as different degrees of reliability, archetypes for various audiences and designs for use in the setting of participatory models.

Experience, in the context of prototyping, refers to the subjective, complex and dynamic phenomenon in an activity. Whether in the classroom or general environment, experience in prototype design depends on the perception of several characters of a model, interpreted via filters connected to contextual elements. With respect to the prototype used in this project, the perception of experience relates to Hill and Houde’s description of experience as the “feel and look” of a system or product. However, experience surpasses the feel and look of a system. The game designed in this project has the ability to serve an extra function in the life of the

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