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uct adaptation refers to process through which a manufacturer makes changes to improve an existing product and make it more appealing to a target market usually in new markets (Byrne, 2010). Products are a result of the underlying socio-cultural phenomenon of a given society. Society’s perception of what the product is and what bundles of benefits it provides according to prevailing socio-cultural needs is the fundamental basis for product differentiation (adaptation).

The adjustments in a product’s main components are made in accordance to the particular target market needs and consumption behavior. Research on consuming trends and preferences as well as product class in the market can provide useful insights on how to modify all or some main components of an existing product (Cooper & Edgett, 2009).

America’s fast food franchise McDonald’s entry into the Indian market in 1996 is a classic case of how product adaptability can be used to enter international markets that are culturally different. Other fast food chains had largely ignored the Indian market before 1990 and those that did ignored the cultural differences eventually leading to their collapse and withdrawal from the market. There is a highly fragmented food market in India characterized by millions of roadside stalls and carts. This represents a large ‘eating out’ culture. However, the market is also significantly influenced by high pressure groups mainly comprising health and animal welfare activists.

McDonald’s strategy included the exclusion of pork and beef items from its menu considering that 40% of Indians are vegetarians. An alternative vegetable, fish and chicken menu was adopted. The menus therefore were color-coded into green for vegetarians and purple for non-vegetarians. The Maharaja Mac replaced the famous ‘big mac’. chicken patty replaced beef and introduction of spicy menus with less garlic in its sauce. This strategy reflected a much higher degree of adaptability

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