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ific manner of performance – singing “scat”, that is, the kind of jazz singing, when the melody is improvised with adding of meaningless set of words which serves as a kind of an additional tool. The novelty of the performance surprises hearing of listeners and wins their hearts. Louis Armstrong becomes not only the example of following by other jazzmen but also the favorite of the public. All this has its positive aftereffects even nowadays, after more than fifty years, as his compositions are listened by a great number of his fans, his albums and compilations of hits still face unprecedented demand. So what is the role of Armstrong for the development of early jazz and what his particular impact on it? Let’s see the characteristic features of his individual style by researching its expression in his full of talent songs.

Probably the peculiarities of every person’s life, whether he or she is a representative of the scientific or creative environment, find their reflection to some extent in his or her works, and Louis Armstrong is not an exception in this respect. From early childhood and till the youth the future jazz player has an experience of street singing, participation in the camp brass orchestra, performance in clubs and restaurants, becoming a member of different bands. All this helps Armstrong to emerge as an extraordinal performer whose distinctive feature is his playing style of cleanliness and beauty of sound. The other thing which highlights Armstrong on the background of other jazz performers is his grandstanding aimed to be appreciated by everyone from the audience. and it must be said he manages to become the favorite among the black as well as the white public.

This means that the ease with which he wins the white public can be explained by the fact that from Louis’s childhood he grows up and serves to white people, and that helps him to learn how to find the right approach in dealing with them so as not to be hungry, at minimum, and to

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