Compose a 1250 words essay on Outline the differences between negative and positive freedom.which do you see as more persuasive. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Moreover, based on the differences the paper will also discuss which kind of freedom persuades me more.

In order to differentiate the two kinds of freedom it is necessary to understand their definitions. Negative freedom revolves around the concept of freedom without any interference. On the contrary positive freedom is a much complex phenomenon that is difficult to understand compared to negative freedom. This belief states to do something according to rules and regulations with system interference (Stanford Encyclopedia of Phiolosphy, 2012).

Political systems across the world have been using negative and positive freedom simultaneously. When the systems are free from regulations that prevent their ability to act, they use negative freedom, similarly, when the system has enough resources to act as they want to, then they enjoy positive freedom. This increases the complexity for the audience to easily differentiate the two liberties effectively (Institute for Humane Studies, 1996).

Different societies have their own understanding on how they differentiate the two kinds of freedom. For this reason these freedoms are sometimes peculiar with each other. When there are no barriers negative freedom takes place. It also highlights the absence of limitations, obstructions, or intrusions from any authority. in short a failure of a political system. One the contrary, positive freedom takes places under the legislative rules and regulations. In this kind of freedom a person or state acts autonomously (MacCallum, 1967).

This can be understood with the help of an example. A person can enjoy a freedom over the property as long as no one interferes in it. this will fall under negative freedom. At the same time a person also has freedom over some property if he owns it and has control given to him by the laws. this will fall under positive freedom (Gray, 1978).

Many philosophers and thinkers also studied and presented the differences

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