Need an argumentative essay on Advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce to consumers (B2C). Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, reputable websites have installed the safeguards to protect their consumers from all concerns Encryption and decryption system for authentication of users, and close working with cybercrime handling companies. They have installed premium antivirus and firewalls (Parsons and Oja, 2011).

Consumer can access the online system and gets a complete information about products, saves time and cost. Consumers can compare the prices of different products and select the best company offering quality products at a low cost (Joseph, 2012).

Consumers feel difficulty in inspecting the some of items like food items, jewellery and antique etc. from remote locations. Most disadvantage of E-Commerce is the rapid expansion of the underlying technologies (Parsons and Oja, 2011).

Cultural environment of consumers has been changed through the use of E-Commerce. Consumers have overcome their cultural and native-environment. Because consumers’ trust has been explored through the online system. Advanced system have reduced the mistrust of consumers regardless of their cultures, such as, Ebay etc. (Ong, 2013).

Many E-Commerce websites have legal and cultural issues for conducting their business. Most of the consumers fear about using their credit cards and sending the numbers over the internet. Other consumers show their resistance in changes and feel uncomfortable when they look merchandise on the computers’ screens (Joseph, 2012).

Consumers can expand their choice of products in order to buy products at any time from anyplace. Consumers can customize products to meet their personal benefits. transparency in the E-Commerce has resulted in to an intensive competition that has lowered the products’ prices for consumers (Azadi, 2011).

Unlike physical shopping from mortar and brick store where customers can talk to service providers, E-Commerce does not provide such as platform to customers. Much of services provided by e-commerce involve the

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