Write 3 page essay on the topic Comparison and contrast between the two novels Verginia Woolf’s to the light house and Conrad’s Heart of darkness.

Mrs. Ramsay’s death left Mr. Ramsay in a state of emotional pain which also had something to do with his philosophical work.

The last section illustrates Mr. Ramsay finally visiting the lighthouse with his children, James and Camilla, ten years later. Moreover, Lily Briscoe, the painter who had lived with the Ramsays, has finally finished the portrait of Mr. And Mrs. Ramsay which she had been wanting to get done ever since.

Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is a novel that focuses basically on Imperialism, which was characterized by torture, cruelty, and slavery. It centers on Charles Marlow, the main character of the story. He is an Englishman steamboat captain in Africa. This novel is about the dark side of Belgian colonization as well as Marlow’s encounter with three levels of darkness: the Congo wilderness, the cruelty of Belgians towards African natives, and the acts of evil in every human being. Here, Marlow’s job is to transport ivory. At the Central Trading Station, he finds that his steamship has been sunk and suspects his manager for causing it. He plans to meet Kurtz, an ivory agent in a very poor health, whom he wishes to return home to Europe.

As Marlow’s team approaches Kurtz’s station, they get attacked by a group of natives. Upon reaching the station, Marlow learns about the Russian traveler who is somewhat a disciple of Kurtz. Marlow finally sees Kurtz and discovers his strong desire for fame and fortune. He also learns about Kurtz’s fiancée through her photograph. Eventually, Marlow witnesses Kurtz’s death and hears the latter’s last words. He did not tell others about the said death right away. . Later on, Marlow returns to Europe and is asked by many about Kurtz’s death. He also meets Kurtz’s fiancée who is still mourning and he is not able to tell her the truth about Kurtz’s death.

Woolf used the narrative technique in her novel. a writing technique consists of these elements: point of view, plot, characters,

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