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These findings, according to the writer are evidence of how critical it is for management to ensure they improve communication strategy by making it a vital part of their HR practice and strategy. To facilitate this, the writer makes several recommendations towards what they think should be done, this include. having a shared purpose,

convincing the leaders, engaging the staff, taking the existing channels of communication to account, maintain a personal touch, working in collaboration with the stakeholders and finally measuring and evaluating the results. In summary, the writer can be seen as trying to assert the importance of communication for its own sake and also the importance of letting the staff and other stakeholders appreciate and understand the benefits of communication.

For a long time, managers and researchers have agreed that organizational success is not separable from smoothness in the communication process, in every organization. the most effective employees are those that have open communication with their manager and leaders (Snyder and Morris, 1984). This is because communication helps them build health working relationship which serve, among other things to improve their organizational identification and thus boost their performance making it more effective (Gray & Laidlaw, 2004). In addition, when there are major organizational changes involving mergers or layoffs, in a firm where employees have open communication to management, it will be relatively easy to deal with such (Gopinath & Becker, 2000. Schweiger & DeNisi, 1991). When there is a culture of communication whether vertical or horizontal, managers and employees are better able to deal with job stressors, which would otherwise negatively affect performance. The Organizational support theory proposes that with time, employees come to form global beliefs, which are founded on the manner in which they

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