Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses Violent Lives: Violent Societies Identifying the Public Health Response ( 5HW011 ).

Violence manifests itself in various forms and can be witnessed in various spheres of life. Therefore violence can end up taking interpersonal, societal, or even cultural forms of violence. These forms of violence are becoming a worldwide concern because of their profound effects on the physical health,

mental health, and social wellbeing of victims and their families, as well as the perpetrators of these violent actions.

Cultural form of violence entails abuses perpetrated in various spheres of life that touch on aspects such as race, ethnicity, traditions, perceptions, beliefs and values of a community. For example in health and social care, cultural violence can manifest or be perpetrated to victims in the form of discrimination on the basis of color, or propagating traditions that advocate for male dominance over women or regard women as secondary or inferior to men. It can also be on the basis of religion or variation in the beliefs and values of a people (Browne & Hamilton, 2005). Societal violence on the other hand refers to the violent acts or abuses perpetrated to individuals by social structures and institutions. This normally takes the form of deprivation or neglect by the authorities. For example societal violence can manifest in health and social care through deprivation of basic medical services by social and medical workers. The other typology of violence which will be the main focus of this paper is interpersonal violence. Interpersonal refers to anything that takes place or occurs among persons or involves several people.

Interpersonal violence which this paper will critically examine and explore refers to a form of violence that occurs between or among individuals. This type of violence offers the opportunity to understand the context in which violence takes placed and hoe the various forms of violence interact. This type of violence highlights and distinguishes the four modes in which violence may be perpetrated or inflicted in

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