Write a 12 page essay on Managing Communications in the Garden Company.

The Garden Company needs to upgrade its communication processes as well as its information and knowledge collection strategies. This can be done through the systematic evaluation of its key strengths and weaknesses. Basically, this paper has based the management of communications, knowledge, as well as information about the centre of focus being landscaping/gardening business. The Garden Company is the business title in this case.

A number of decisions are needed in the organization in order to achieve long-term growth and profitability. These decisions should start with the need to enhance the communication processes in the organization. Communication processes should be able to use a number of strategies that can help to achieve the long-term goals within a short period of time. Furthermore, the goal should be to achieve the long-term strategic advantage with an emphasis on innovation. Communication processes should be strengthened for the benefit of the employees and the customer segments of the organization. Another critical area where decision making is required is that the information collection and management processes must be strengthened to ensure that customer loyalty can be attained. The organization must be able to devise a collaborative strategy for success (Gary, 2002: p. 4).

The organization needs to have information regarding its critical goals and objectives. This is an important part of the decision making process. Furthermore, it needs to develop an institutional structure that can help to attain the critical goals within a short period of time. Planning and appraisal is another key area where success can be attained by the organization. Monitoring and evaluation are helpful in decision making as it helps to ensure the success of long-term strategies. These approaches should be based on a careful understanding of the external and internal environments.

The external sources of information for the organization come by tracking the feedback obtained from the customers.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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