Rope length 250 m stretched horizontally. one end is vibrated at a frequency of 2 Hz and amplitude of 10 cm, while the other end tied. The vibrations propagate on the ropes with a speed of 40 cm / s. determine:

(a) The amplitude of the stationary wave at a point within 132.5 cm from the origin of vibration

(b) deviation wave at that point after vibrated for 5 s and 12 s

(c) The location of the node sixth and fifth abdominal vibration from the point of origin

a) Find x from the origin of the vibration that is = 250 – 132,5 = 117,5 cm , thenthe stationary wave amplitude fixed end can be calculated by means ofAs=2Asin (2pi(x)/lambda)As=2.1 sin…

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