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a variety of mobile communication devices, computing devices, portable digital music players, soft wares, networking solutions and hardware and software products. The company offers its products in software that include IOS, OSX mobile operating system, and Mac operating system as well as server and application software. Primary products for the company include iPhone, Mac, iPods, iTunes, Mac App store, iCloud, application and operating software and other application software. The mission of apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experiences to creative professionals, students, educators and consumers all around the world. This is to be achieved through innovative hardware, software and internet exploration. Its vision is to be committed to producing high quality products as well as providing high quality services and to set high industry standards for its competitors (Hellmann, par 2).

The iPhone is a combination of a mobile phone, an iPod as well as internet communications devices in a single product. The iPhone has desktop class email features, searching, web browsing features and well compatible with Mac and windows based computers. An iPod enables multi-purpose use such as web browsing, sending emails, watching videos, playing games, reading e-books and listening to music. The company offers Mac desktop system feature Intel microprocessors, OS X operating system and the iLife suite of software for the creation of photography, websites, music and movies. The iPod line of products is inclusive of the Ipod touch, Nano, shuffle and iPod compatible music and media players. Apple Company offers iTunes an application that downloading, organization and playback of digital video and audio file that is available for windows based as well as Mac computers. The availability of the Mac store allows the customers to download, discover and install mac applications as well as offers applications in educational, design, graphics, productivity and other

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