Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic The 21st Century Lifestyle in G20 Countries is Bad for Your Health.

stress upon maternal health and also include eradication of severe poverty and hunger, universal primary education (helps in creating awareness through the basis lessons regarding health), Combat HIV, Malaria and other ailments, ensure a sustainable ambience and building global alliances or partnerships for overall development.

Emerging economies of the world like China, India, Brazil and South Africa still depend on assistance from foreign developed nations in order to meet the health needs of its people. The major health concern for the G-20 countries in meeting the Millennium Development Goals is to combat infectious diseases like AIDS and malaria (Robertson, 2010). Leaving aside Brazil, all other G-20 countries have significantly failed in curbing the spread of AIDS. Moreover apart from the spread of AIDS, chronic diseases like diabetes, and fatal diseases like cardiac ailments and cancer are also increasingly affecting the people in the emerging economies (Garrett & Alavian, 2010).

Obesity is spreading fast as a symptom of health crisis. It is a significant problem for mostly the developed nations but the developing countries are also catching up. Three of the G20 nations have an obesity rate above 30 percent. These are United States with 46.5 percent of its population suffering form obesity, Argentina with 37.6 percent and Mexico with 35.5 percent. Across the world above one billion adult population are overweight and the obesity rates have risen three fold or beyond in regions of North America, East Europe and the Middle East mainly due to lack of proper nutrients and reduced level of physical activities. Seven amongst the G20 nations have obesity rates above 25 percent. These include Saudi Arabia (29.7 %), “Australia (28.8 %), Canada (25.6%) and the United Kingdom (25%)” (The Globalist, 2010) Obesity poses great risk for chronic diseases like type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, hypertension and sometimes, even cancer. Countries like

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