Need an argumentative essay on Pollution use in future life(a proposal ). Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

to make sure that ways to reduce the risks associated with pollution are developed so that a safe environment can be handed down to future generations. While this may be the case, a trend seems to be developing where pollution is not seen in only a detrimental or negative manner but also as an opportunity.

Life in future is more likely to involve taking advantage of pollution as a means of not only attaining economic, but also social and political goals that are useful for the whole of society.

In the future, there will be a realization of the inevitability of the world becoming further polluted than it is already. This realization will create a situation where the leaders of the world will stop attempting to fight pollution and will instead spearhead the development of means through which all human beings will be able to adjust to the new environment (Bakari 23). Under these circumstances, it will be necessary to devise new types of technology, such as houses which are resistant to the effects of pollution, so that individuals in the society might not be affected by its harmful effects. Furthermore, it will be essential for protective clothing to be developed and this will be done in a manner that ensures that individuals are not only dressed fashionable, but are also protected from the dangerous environment that will have come about as a result of pollution. These developments will create a situation where there will be a rise of new industries specialized in them and this will ensure that there is greater economic development in many parts of the world. Industries based on the determination to ensure that human beings adapt to the new global environment might be considered to be another form of industrial revolution because it will not only help in the creation of better living conditions but will also help individuals in businesses all over the world to make plenty of money. Pollution, despite its harmful effects on individuals in the world today, will come

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