Need an argumentative essay on Gun control in my community and nationally. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

countries like Switzerland and Germany, the rate of gun ownership is three times the number of legal gun ownership in America making gun related violence a matter of motive rather than ownership (Sowell, 2012). Further, this matter encompasses the issues on rules, restriction on the use of firearms, ownership, distribution, and regulations surrounding the same. On one hand, the acquisition of a gun may be for protection purposes while on the other hand, the acquisition of a gun may be for criminal activity. In recent times, policy makers have formulated policies aiming at gun control that are not yet law. With these aspects in mind, this argumentative essay will negate the argument that proposed federal legislation on gun ownership should become law.

Presently, critics are of the idea that control of those who carry guns is the suitable approach as compared to controlling the spread of guns. According Watkins from the Detroit Green haven Press, his attribute influenced a bill by Senator Schumer Manchin Toomey on background checks for those intending to buy guns. In recent times, America has witnessed a number of shootings in inner city district schools and public schools where innocent children and civilians have met their sudden demise. This factor has triggered debate on the need to effect gun control measures as a way of preventing further loss of life. According to Killough from CNN, President Obama intimated the need to revisit these regulations in order to replace them with effective laws, but the timing for this was wrong because families were still in mourning. Across America, this bill has received intense backing from quarters that are pro the gun control idea. In the case for school shootings, the question that authorities grapple with is how the kids accessed the guns in the first place. This means that the gun owners have become reckless in how they choose to store their guns.

However, most guns in crimes scenes are stolen hence making it hard to

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