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The document provides an analysis of the background, aims and objectives of the NAP. It also addresses the implication beyond NAP areas in the consumption/market and health sector. Finally, the government’s accountability in development, implementation and evaluation, how much people are informed on the policy,

and policy’s outcome.

Keywords: National Agricultural Policy, Indian Government, Agricultural Sustainability, Food Security, Environmental Safety, Resources, Growth rate, Diversification, Farmers, Consumers, GMOs, Production, Bio-technologies, Food Prices, Initiatives, and Credit Institutions,

Prior to the introduction of the policy in India, the country had experienced various agrarian reforms since the 80s. When the green revolution period set in agricultural production improved due to the technological breakthrough. This brought diversification in agricultural activities, influenced investment, change in economic policies and growth in output. However, the impact was not the same in regions of dry lands in India. In fact, such parts had not realized the benefits of technological breakthrough, meaning the policies and reforms that existed failed to serve equally the entire country. The Indian government tried to implement policies that sought to change the situation in the dry lands, but instead brought more confusion and challenges/opportunities for the agricultural sector. Chand states there was strong pressure for the Indian government to develop a formal agricultural plan to direct the sector in new and emerging sectors. this yielded the new agricultural policy of 2000 intended to guide the sector for the next two decades (n.d.). It is a broad policy focused on addressing the challenges in Indian agriculture, one of which is sustainable agriculture and practices that affects environmental concerns.

India has high population of people, second after China, which makes the government work on maintaining food security

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