Write 12 page essay on the topic Discuss the registered nurses role in the initial assessment, investigation and nursing management/ treatment of a patient with septic shock.

The mortality of septic shock patients is about 50% (Fazi, et al, 2002: p.42).

The nurse is presented with a wide range of problems and challenges which test knowledge, abilities and skills, by patients with medical emergencies. The nurse must respond quickly and effectively to prevent further harm,

by means of skillful assessment of the patient’s condition. Emergency may be defined as: Any trauma or sudden illness that requires immediate intervention to prevent immediate severe damage or death (Ford, 1986, as quoted in Sheppard. Wright 2000: p.213).

Sepsis is defined as infection with evidence of systemic inflammation, consisting of two or more of the following: increased or decreased temperature or leucocyte count, tachycardia and rapid breathing. Septic shock is sepsis with hypotension that persists after resuscitation with intravenous fluid (Annane, et al, 2005: p.63). Normally the immune and neuroendocrine systems tightly control the local inflammatory process to eradicate invading pathogens. When this control mechanism fails, systemic inflammation occurs, converting the infection from sepsis to severe sepsis, and then to septic shock.

is crucial, in the initial assessment of the condition, the investigations and tests that are required to be conducted, the treatment, and nursing interventions and management to be carried out to ensure the patient’s return to a normal condition from a critically ill stage (Fazi, et al, 2002:p.42).

Clinical Signs and Symptoms of Septic Shock: A person in septic shock will display all the signs and symptoms of septicemia, plus most crucially: Hypotension (systolic pressure &lt. 90 mm Hg, and diastolic &lt. 60 mm Hg). Consequent impaired blood flow to all parts of the body may result in: 1) Low urine output indicating renal failure. 2) Cyanosis indicating respiratory failure. 3) Jaundice indicating liver failure. Disseminated intravascular

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