In 3-5 typewritten, double-spaced pages, please address the following points in separate sections using the section headers identified below.

a.  Interest and Background in Social Work. Describe your interest and background in the social work profession, including any personal, professional and/or volunteer experiences. If you are employed in a social service agency, describe what has compelled you to pursue a graduate social work education. How would a graduate social work education enhance your practice? If you have prepared for or been employed in another field, discuss your rationale for pursuing a graduate social work degree.

b.  Experience. Drawing from your life experience, provide an example of a time when you interacted with someone from a vulnerable or oppressed population. What was significant to you about that experience?

c.  Social Work Values. Describe a mentor or role model that impacted your life in a meaningful way and provide a specific example of how the individual interacted with you or behaved in a way that embodies social work values. In reflecting on this example, discuss what steps you would need to take in order to demonstrate similar leadership or mentorship qualities.

d.  Self-Awareness. Identify a time you’ve encountered a life obstacle and discuss how you managed the situation.  

e.  Graduate Assistantship. If you are interested in being considered for a Graduate Assistantship position within the Graduate Social Work Department, please identify a faculty member whose research interests you and explain how your experience will contribute to their work. Learn about our faculty members.

f.  MSW Preparation – ADVANCED STANDING APPLICANTS ONLY. In no more than one page, included at the end of your personal statement, answer the following question: What kind of preparation do you hope to gain from a graduate social work education and what is your perception of the contrast with your BSW education?

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