Write 1 page essay on the topic Discussion for Week 6 Chapter 9 Question 1 Information Protection and Privacy.

Question one: Based on the e-Activity, evaluate the circumstances that contributed to the privacy violation, the consequence to the company to the breach, and management’s response to the breach, indicating the appropriateness of the response. Suggest how the company may have presented the breach and / or responded differently once the breach was discovered. Provide support for your rationale.&nbsp.

The violation of personal information and company privacy has been experienced in the LexisNexis Company where three people hacked into the database and accessed personal information concerning several celebrities. however, investigations have shown that the three hackers have not used the information for any ill purpose (Biz Media pg.2) The hackers are believed to belong to a group of hackers known as the Operation Boca Grande. they claimed that they hacked into the LexisNexis Database while they were in a cyber just as a “joyride”. LexisNexis database is easily available in the internet thus making it more vulnerable to hacking. this has also been increased by high levels of technology accessibility to the current generation.

The breach of the LexisNexis company privacy created a lot of concern from a number of celebrities who demanded that the LexisNexis Database Company ensure that their personal information is not misused. The Company responded by hiring the services of a law enforcer to investigate the extent to which the hackers have misused the Company and Clients’ private information (Biz Media, pg.2).

Although the Company applied the use of a legal enforcer to investigate the breach, it is still imperative that the management shut down the website to avoid further breaches that may occur and provide a chance for more investigation (Wack 1989, pg.4).

One of the ethical issues that need to be taken into consideration is the classification or categorizing of data that persons can access. The corporate policy can be formulated in a manner that

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