Need an argumentative essay on Information System Analysis (Case study). Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

I will present the main system modeling design and overview. For this purpose I will use UML diagrams like that class diagram, data flow diagram, Context diagram, Use Case diagram. I will also present the detailed analysis of the system Decision Tree. The Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) will be main components of the system designing and modeling.

The system of GB Manufacturing is going to computerize the overall system working and management of tasks. The aim of new system is to present the better system handling and management of employees and equipment. This new system will computerize the whole record of the tracking and maintenance of workers equipment and check in and check out. Here we will develop a main system databases that will record the system working and transaction. This database will store the data regarding the employees, their check in, check out, equipment and tools they take and skills.

The main reason behind this system development is to computerize the overall working and tracking. This will reduce the working load and enhance the power of the workers and mangers to the effectively mange the project and working.

This section will discuss the main components of the new system. These components will work as unit to mange the whole system working and tracking. This system will compose of following main components:

I have accessed the above system working areas and found that these aspects are the main system modules those will perform main functionalize. The system will be a centralized system that will handle the working transaction and schedules of the employees working. Here we will pay attention on better modeling of the system scheduling aspect because this is the main working functionality of this system.

In this section of the user modeling I will present the main system’s Context diagram that will demonstrate the working and behavior of the existing physical system. Then I will discuss about the 0 level

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