Compose a 2000 words essay on Human resource strategies should be underpinned by ‘organisation development’ theories which suggest ways that people in an organisation should be managed. Needs to be plagiarism free!

(Cusack, no date, p.1)

1. Human Resource – This is referring to an inventory of talents, skills and capabilities of a group of persons which may be tapped for a purpose of economic value. The FreeDictionary by Farlex, 2005, defines is as “The company department charged with finding, screening,

recruiting and training job applicants, as well as administering employee-benefit programs

2. Organizational Development – It is basically a method for facilitating change and development in people (styles, values, skills), technology (greater simplicity, complexity), and in organizational processes (relationships, roles). For example, if a HR manager wants to introduce a form of participative management where a paternalistic style has traditionally existed, he or she would have to become an “inside change agent.” (Chruden & Sherman, 1984, p.548)

4. Human resource strategies – It therefore means plans for the maximum use of the inventory of talents, skills and capabilities of group of persons which may be tapped for a purpose of economic value.

5. Organizational Development Strategies – We could define it as a plan to facilitate change and development in people, in technology and in organizational processes. The topic also defines OD strategy by saying, “which suggests that people in the organization should be managed.”

The proposition must be true because one cannot have human resource strategies without human beings and human resource does not only talk about individual human resource in isolation but also of how to combine these individual resources in the context of an organization (Dictionary Definition of organisation, 2005) or group of humans or people to attain corporate objectives. A corporation, a partnership or even a sole proprietorship is a business organization with people in it either in the form of an employee, manager,

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