Instructions: Choose 8 of the 10 problems below. Show your work in detail. Answer the questions directly in this template. Before doing this, it is highly recommending that you thoroughly review the three examples in the Unit Lesson.

1.    Susan pushes her dad, David, on an ice rink with a force of 30 N. She weighs 45 kg and her dad weighs 100 kg. What are the accelerations of Susan and David?

2.     Alice holds a black belt in Taekwondo and her fist has a mass of 0.5 kg. Her fist obtains a velocity of 5 m/s in 0.1 seconds from rest. Evaluate the average net force applied to the fist.

3.    A lunar exploration vehicle was created by a research team. It weighs 3,000 kg on the earth. It needs an acceleration of 10 m/s2 on the moon. In order to have the same acceleration, what will be the net force acting on the vehicle on the earth?

4.    Three people are pushing a 500 kg of box in the same direction. Applied forces are 30 N, 20 N,

and 10 N respectively. If the acceleration of the box is 0.02 m/s2, what is the magnitude of a force created by friction?

5.    You drive a 6,000 kg boat due north, while the wind exerts a force of 600 N due south and the water exerts a resistive force of 1,200 N due south. The generated force by the boat’s engines is 4,200 N. Find the magnitude and direction of the boat’s acceleration.

6.     A machine accelerates a 5 kg missile from rest to a speed of 5 km/s. The net force accelerating the missile 500,000 N. How long does it take to arrive at the speed of 5 km/s?

7.    Peter found an amazing fact in an amusement park when he tried to ride the Magic Mountain Superman. Powerful magnets accelerate a car and its riders from zero to 45 m/s in 7 seconds. Suppose the mass of the car and riders is 5,600 kg. What is the average net force exerted on the car and riders by the magnets?

8.    Two forces of 10 N and 30 N are applied to a 10 kg box. Find (1) the box’s acceleration when both forces point due east and (2) the box’s acceleration when 10 N force points due east and 30 N force points due west.

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