Question 1.

PERT was developed by:

Question 1 options:

U. S. Navy

Sperry Systems


Rand Corporation

Question 2

Planning tools include:

Question 2 options:

Wall charts

Monthly reviews

Electronic calendars


Question 3

Which of the following was NOT cited as a way for a company to reduce stress.

Question 3 options:

Allow unwanted practice such as discrimination and bullying to work themselves out informally.

Design jobs correctly

Seek employee input to increase accountability

Have clear communications

Question 4

People who practice good time management skills enjoy all of the following, EXCEPT:

Question 4 options:

They are more productive

They get more things done.

They tend to have less stress

They tend to have less energy

Question 5

PERT stands for ________________________.

Question 5 options:

People, Equipment, Resources, Time

Physical Effort Reward Triad

Plan, Evaluate, Reward, Trust

Program Evaluation and Review Technique

Question 6

All of the below were cited as economic stress creators EXCEPT:

Question 6 options:

Unrealistic lottery odds

Pressure from investors

Rivalries resulting from global competition

Willingness to lay off employees

Question 7

Stress can cause all of the following, EXCEPT:

Question 7 options:

Behavioral Problems

Psychological Disorders

Medical Illness

All of these

Question 8

Multi-taking is a great time saver.

Question 8 options:



Question 9

All types of stress are harmful.

Question 9 options:



Question 10

A simple chart that you fill in as tasks are accomplished, illustrating progress toward a goal was developed by Henry ________.

Question 10 options:





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