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Additional reason for choosing the MMPI relates to its enhanced accuracy after having undergone series of rephrasing and adjustments to overcome unnecessary biases. The original MMPI underwent revisions to become MMPI-2, MMPI-2RF and MMPI-A. Additionally, the choice for the instrument was due to the possibility of using it in legal and criminal settings to understanding psychological behaviors of criminals,

and high-risk employment setup to measure mental fitness of candidates.

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is a clinical test and measurement tool mostly used for investigating mental health issues. The instrument has a number of benefits that are important to recognize. To begin with, the instrument provides counselors with ability to avoid discriminations. This aspect is a factor of many revisions that the MMPI passed through with the latest taking place in 2008. For instance, the initial MMPI had certain elements that focused more on Christianity while ignoring other religions. Another benefit of using the MMPI relates to the availability of about 10 scales of measurement that target different forms of mental illness. For instance, Scale1 is hypochondriasis scale, Scale 2 is depression, Scale 3-hysteria, Scale 4- psychopathic deviate scale and Scale 5 refers to masculinity-femininity scale. As argued by Brown and Lent (2013), this division of scales makes it easy for professional counselors using the tool to conduct quick assessment whose results are mostly specific and accurate. Even with the scales, the instrument allows users to avoid prejudging patient conditions, and advocates mention of scale number as in “Scale 1” instead of hypochondriasis. Another benefit of MMPI relates to its synchronization to technological advancements that has made it compatible with computer. It is possible to analyze the test outcomes using computer software.

The Minnesota

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