Need an argumentative essay on Wintertime: Charles Mee. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Jonathan is a young man who is in love with aerial. However due to the love he has for her, he ends up portraying some jealousy and suspicion. It is through his relationship with Ariel that we are able to see these traits which consequently do threaten their relationship. Ariel on the other hand, is a young woman who is deeply in love with Jonathan. She loves travelling and therefore she hopes that she will have the chance to travel around the world with Jonathan. Her life is mostly spent while loving somebody and her love life clearly brings out her spontaneous character (Mee 1).

Maria is Jonathans mother and she is responsible for her family. She is in love with Francois. She is portrayed as a woman who loves attention as she wishes that her family could appreciate her love life. Another key character is Jonathans father as well as Marias husband. His name is Frank. He is a calm man who enjoys being married as well as having a lover. Frank is the kind of a man who desires to be loved wholly because when he loves he loves whole heartedly. However, love has made him a lonely man. As mentioned earlier, Maria has a French lover. His name is Francois. Francois loves to tease and he is also playful, a trait which brings him trouble regularly. He is an open man and due to love, he loves to talk about his desires. However he gets tempted to use his sexual appeal more than often as portrayed in the play. Edmund, Franks lover, is a hopeful woman who always enjoys seeing people in love. She is insecure as she thinks that Frank still loves his wife Maria. Love has also brought out traits of other characters well. Bertha is kind and loving, Hilda is out spoken, and Dr. Benoit is patient (Borland 1).

Relationships reveal characters of individuals in a good way. Wintertime is a nice play which shows exactly that since there are many relationships and we are able to see traits according to how the characters behave and treat their lovers.

Borland, Maria. “Nice Production

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