Need an argumentative essay on Bottled water is safer than tap water. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Mineral water accumulates various minerals as it flows over rocks before it is collected while spring water emanates from the ground, having no chance to collect minerals. Tap water is treated with chemicals before distribution to consumers. The major chemicals used for tap water treatment are Chlorine and fluorine.

It is normally treated to eradicate any pathogens that might be present in the water, and which may cause diseases.

This is water that is packaged directly from the source. It is significant due to the fact that it is taken in its natural state, without chemicals. Mineral water contains important elements such as calcium and magnesium that are needed in the body. They are acquired from water that flows along a course composed of rocks that are rich in minerals. Bottled water has established a market in the word population due to the standards that have been set by many governments in order to protect the consumers. It is advantageous because once packed, the water has a long shelf life. Bottled water can also be used for emergency supplies in cases of water shortage. Travelers can conveniently carry bottled water with them when they travel over long journeys. However, there has been a rise in the level of pollution in the environment, causing pollution in the natural water sources. Land fills and incinerators are a major source of pollutants. It is progressively becoming un-advisable for people to drink bottled water because of the associated levels of pollution. According to Feldman (2003, p.27), “The quantity of plastic waste generate every year are predictable at half a million tons.” These are mainly disposed in land fills and incinerators. They end up polluting surface water bodies

During the rainy seasons, soil erosion causes fertilizers and other pollutants emanating from land to be transported to the rivers, springs and wells, which are the major source of bottled water. Nutrients from the soil are leached in to the ground

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