Need an argumentative essay on Arugmentative on which is better the pc or the mac computer. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Both fruit would have supporters lauding the differences in inherent nutritive value, taste, and texture of each. When we compare an Apple Mac to a MS Windows PC, two traditional feasible choices for personal and business computing, though, the subjective should be thrown out of the window and the facts wisely considered.

While it is true that Windows has been ‘virally’ (pun intended!) popular, the time has come for certain misconceptions about the Mac to be cleared up and how it will be a very good choice.

The inevitable argument against the Mac is that it is more expensive than a Windows PC. While at times true, the fact is it often costs less than or about the same as its Windows counterpart. A Windows PC’s cost does not include multimedia software and hardware that you will need or want. By buying the extras, you pay more than the cost of a Mac which comes bundled with software like iLife. Consider long-term savings: Macs have been proved to be less expensive to run than Windows. The reputable CIO magazine quoted an Enterprise Desktop Alliance survey as finding the total cost of ownership (TCO) with a Mac to be much lower than a Windows PC. “Macs were cheaper in six of seven computer management categories: troubleshooting, help desk calls, system configuration, user training and supporting infrastructure.” (Kaneshige). Almost half the respondents reported licensing fees were about the same on both these platforms.

In 2002, Apple, introduced the OS X, an operating system (OS) based on UNIX. Specialists consider it one of the most advanced, stable and secure OSs available commercially. It is a multimedia sensation thanks to its architecture and graphics. Users find the OS X smart, agile and a delight to use. In comparison Windows OSs have been compared to bulky, lumbering giants plagued by crashes requiring restarts that cost time and money. In Windows if you erroneously shift a folder or a file such as a program file

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