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It can be modeled in a similar manner to that of the pressure that develops from molecular viscosity. That means that there is eddy viscosity that acts as super viscosity and can provide turbulent stress when multiplied by the mean gradients. Eddy viscosity is valuable since it provides us with a way to estimate the new terms developed by inserting the Reynolds decomposition through closure of the turbulent flow equations.

4- Solar insolation leads to large eddies especially during the day. The convective turbulence also leads to the development of a mixed boundary layer. The energy shuts down, and the turbulence keeps spinning aloft as the sun goes down. However, the energy is also suppressed down towards the ground due to the stably stratified turbulence. Suppression of the vertical motions by the stable flow forces the stable boundary layer to be thinner.

5- The twist in typical wind turbine blades occurs due to the differences in relative velocity wind vector (May 212). There are larger components of wind that are associated with the relative motion that occurs between the blade and the air at large.

6- One of the issues discussed in class was the current bottleneck with transmission lines. The second was the dual challenges that occur when competing with local companies that are invested and maintained by the state.

7- Turbulent energy develops from the large scale motions and gradients in the governing equations. For instance, flow instabilities get transferred to the medium scale motions, which transfer to the smaller scale motions. The smaller scale gradients become large enough and force the viscosity to dissipate turbulent kinetic energy. At the inertial subrange, turbulent kinetic energy passes through this range of scales without much dissipation.

11 – The variability of wind the resource is equal to the variability of wind power. On the other hand, the variability of fuel costs is

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