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There could be multiple reasons for the clash. Either this could be because of over usage of resources or insufficient cost being defined for a task.

While assigning the resources, we encountered clashes in the resource usage. This is because a resource assigned to a task was also assigned to another task in the same time frame.

Since the amount of resource at present is fixed and the schedule has also been defined, this created clash and the system warned us about this. This is shown in the screenshot below:

This option would change the duration of the task to make it start later than the other parallel task which was using the same resource. In this way, the resource, instead of being used parallel in both tasks, will be used after it is free from the first one.

This involved increasing the availability of the resource by increasing the person hours. There are two ways this could have been achieved. Firstly, by increasing the number of persons assigned to the project. Secondly, by increasing the time each person spends per day on the project. The effect of any of these would be an increase in the person hours. This would make the resource more available and would resolve the clash that is occurring.

We decided to change the duration as an option. This is because choosing the first option would involve that we either higher more resource or pay overtime to the existing one. Either way, this would increase our cost. Choosing the second option and increasing the duration would make the tasks take a bit longer. However, since the tasks were not critical tasks, this would not affect the overall duration of the project and seems to be a better option.

After carrying out resource allocation to the tasks, we found out the total project cost. The project cost is computed on the basis of the use of resources. The computation, for each task, is a product of the units of consumption and the rate of the resource. Adding the

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