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Their intention is to showcase their masculinity. thus, they put on T-shirts and flex their muscles. The photographers comprise people who are preoccupied with taking photos. It seems they are fascinated by their progress in gaining muscles. Indeed, they constantly look at themselves in the mirrors, and even spend most of their time taking photos rather than exercising. The newbies consist of people whose main goal is to observe others exercise. They rarely work out. However, in some cases, they can engage in light exercises. The novices comprise people who are out to learn new things. They listen carefully to their trainers, and even ask many questions. I consider myself a member of this group. Lastly, the businessmen consist of people who work in professional organizations and come to the gym to exercise. They can be identified easily from the number of calls they receive.

Apart from categorizing gym attendees, I also discovered that people go to the gym for various reasons other than to exercise. For instance, the beauty queens, a group of young ladies who put on heavy make-ups, go specifically to grace the venue. They do not go to exercise. In fact, from their dressing, one can tell that they are not interested in exercises at the gym. Indeed, they dress as if they are attending a party. On the other hand, there is a group I call the chatterboxes. The group comprises people who go to the gym specifically to gossip. they do not exercise. Lastly, there are the date-seekers. They are groups of men who go for girls, particularly for dating. In fact, they go for the beauty queens. Although I do not consider gyms the best places to find girls to date, the group makes an attendee’s visit enjoyable.

My visit to the gym was also made enjoyable by other people and the way they used the equipment. It was interesting to watch people strain while using the gym equipment. Some of the equipment included treadmills, elliptical

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