Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic International Security in an Era of Globalization.

A critique of women’s engagement in international security has often put international security as a man’s domain. Laura Sjoberg in her book, Gender and International Security, published in 2010 looks at international security from the perspective of gender and demonstrates the critical role played by them in the global crisis pertaining to security (p.


An important consideration presented in the book, relating to war and military, explains that in democratic governments, the citizens have the power to control the military. It goes on to explain how civilians may not claim innocence at times of war because deliberately avoiding or ignoring facts do not make them innocent (Sjoberg 2010, p. 17). And this goes for all civilians and non-combatants including women. Democracy implies power to the people therefore while war times require certain operational secrecy, it is unhealthy to keep the citizens uninformed about important developments, an act which goes against the purpose of democracy. In most occasions, the military kills because they are present for the security of the common masses. Sjoberg proposes the idea of civilian army which is represented by the civilian population including women and other eligible candidates however she also points out how many eligible candidates find a way to get away from giving service. The most over-represented female population is the African American one which comprises about forty percent of the US Army’s enlisted women.

Wars have indeed been an important security issue for the past few decades and terrorism has emerged as a political catchphrase used to justify preemption (Sjoberg 2010, p. 20). In order to understand terrorism, it is important to consider that it is not a new phenomenon and is common in various countries including Ireland, England, Philippines, and so on. Moreover, the random killing of civilians in wars is no more horrendous an act than terrorism. In fact, both may involve the killing of

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