Write a 3 page essay on A Critical on the Role of Audience in the Performing Arts.

and falling asleep, staying through the end of the presentation or will wait for a break before leaving, applauses only when its appropriate and dresses in an appropriate manner. These are the most common audience etiquette we can see in today’s modern performing arts.

The shift of the 19th century audience mindset to modern standards of etiquette is indicative in America’s culture because these etiquettes are now being practiced in the corporate world. E

tiquettes such as arriving early and actively listening are now being observed in America’s workplace and also in other countries. The shift also influenced larger communities such as schools and churches who are also practicing these kinds of etiquettes. The shift has greatly influenced the American culture because as we can see a lot of communities find it effective and efficient to implement these proper etiquettes.

A portion of the contemporary audience will always have the patience of sitting through a play or an opera basing on their level of interest. There are still a lot plays and operas in the country which is being handled by people who are passionate and interested in these forms of entertainment. Even schools are producing plays and are encouraging their students to participate in this form of entertainment.

Plays, symphonies and operas are not obsolete. As stated above it is still being produced by schools and people who are passionate and interested on these forms of entertainment. Shakespeare has been raised to such artistic heights that audience deference is now appropriate because of the integral part he has given on these forms of entertainment. Plays, symphonies and operas are far from being obsolete because of the integral value it has on the American culture. The fact that centuries have passed and still these kinds of entertainment exist is giving us very convincing information that plays, symphonies and operas will not be obsolete.

There are modern day vestiges or traces from the

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