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viduals, both students and teachers, to take responsibility for their own conflicts and for their resolution (Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management, n.d.).

This paper relates three scenarios depicting student/student, teacher/student, and teacher/teacher conflicts and how they were resolved.

The author’s opinions are expressed in either agreement or disagreement with the manner of conflict resolution, as well as presents recommendations for conflict resolution at the end of the paper.

A 6th grade student named Anne, said she had a headache and wanted to skip the last two classes of the day. As I came into the room, Anne’s teacher was already arguing with Anne. Anne said she wanted to go home and the teacher said she may not. They are at the stage of their argument where the teacher has already mentioned that if Anne continues on, the teacher would be forced to send her to the principal’s office. From what I have heard and seen since I came into the room, I was almost certain that Anne did not have a headache and was just trying to skip school. While all these were going on, the rest of the class was silent, intent on watching who would eventually win out in the argument. The teacher was deliberately trying to keep her voice down but the pitch of Anne’s voice was increasingly rising. Finally, when the teacher could not make Anne do want she wanted her to do, she told Anne to step outside so she can talk to her there. In the meantime, the teacher faced the rest of the class and gave them a seatwork which immediately elicited groans. I then stepped outside, too, to check what Anne was doing. Anne was merely standing outside the classroom. She would not be able to leave the school premises, anyway, unless she had an authorization pass from her teacher or the principal’s office. When the teacher came out, she told Anne that this would be the last time she was going to sign an authorization pass for her and told her not to come back to

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