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It is also evident from the case that Randall has always been competitive and career oriented in his approach. Thus it is a very hard for Randall to overcome the accident and lead a normal life. Even the effects of the accident have taken a greater toll on the physical as well as mental abilities of Randall.

But still it can be viewed that Randall have the desire within himself that gave him much required confidence. Though life after the accident would not be the same again but his attitude made it lot easier for him to lead life. Personal performances and accomplishments have considerable connection with that of efficacy. Even outcome expectations and personal goals play great role. Randall wanted to become an aeronautical engineer and was preparing for it but the accident turned away his attention from studies because it was quite taxing for him. But still it is known that Randall opted for CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) after the incident and wanted to lead a simple life. He also felt that he was not different from others in any aspect. His optimism was one factor that made him more strong and confident.

Determination and achievement are the other foundations of the social cognitive learning theory. The determination of Randall to achieve something after going through so much of turbulence is one such example. The social cognitive learning theory has both strengths and limitations but with bilateral perceptions. It depends a lot on the situation as well as the mind frame of the learner. It provides a more flexible focus on the development of the learner. The three bases which are efficacy, expectations and goals are three internal factors of the learner. Thus it is only with the learner’s willingness along with proper counseling that could turn the limitations into the learner’s advantage.

Cultural approach only comes to play when there is any problem in relation with that of culture and the environment in a broader aspect.

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