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foundation of every venture capital financing is derived from the communal acceptance and valuation of the company through the investors and entrepreneurs. These valuations replicate both the entrepreneur and the determination to multiply the acceptable amount (Maimbo, 2011). The level of ownership that should be provided in return to the venture capital and expertise of the firm and the ventures that investors were determined to putting their risks should reward the investor. This vibrant concept is usual misunderstood as it comes with disadvantageous consequences. Therefore, considering valuation from the venture investor’s point of view is very essential. In fact, realizing how valuations are determined and adjusted throughout the life of the company is critical. As a result, the relationship between the investor and the entrepreneur becomes the ultimate success of the company.

Valuation methodologies come in different stages of investment in relation to the availability of quantitative and qualitative data. However, the main language and concept of the venture capital valuation must be universal, simple, and well understood so that the discussion of valuation about a venture capital investor determines how venture investors are considered constructive and justified in various valuations. During the early-stage companies, there is offer of the perspective and the self-motivated roles of valuation throughout the life of the companies.

In almost all the private equity deals, people tend to focus mainly on the pre-money valuation that is the estimated value of the company that comes prior to any equity purchase. By determining the pre-money valuation of the company, the amount of capital accepted by the company is combined. This helps in determining the amount of equity ownership that is sold in exchange to the invested capital. Therefore, the resulting valuation after the investment of capital is known as post money valuation.

This means that, it is not

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