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Generally, V02PEAK values were significantly greater among men than among women, despite correcting for differences in body mass (i.e., values expressed as mL/kg/min).

The study sought to estimate peak oxygen uptake from submaximal tests using treadmill and cycle tests. Peak oxygen uptake (V02PEAK), defines the maximum volume of oxygen that is consumed within a unit time, normally a minute (Sagiv, 2012). It is an indicator of oxygen utility in the body and therefore shows effectiveness of the body’s functionality. Oxygen uptake and utility defines capacity to undertake physical and mental tasks and in extremely low cases, is necessary for cellular and organ activities. It is therefore significant to performance and health.

Peak oxygen uptake depends on many factors. Gender is one of the factors and biological differences explain this. Males have higher peak oxygen consumption and according to Sagiv (2012), difference in size of the human heart between males and females explain this. Males have a larger size of the organ and this suggest greater capacity to circulate oxygen that in females. Since circulation is one of the factors to diffusion of oxygen in the lungs and therefore transfers to body parts for utility, it explains that men have higher oxygen consumption capacity and higher peak oxygen uptake that have women. Angiotensin-Converting enzyme and temperature have also been associated with higher peak oxygen uptake. Age is another facto to peak oxygen uptake. Increase in age increase the uptake level and this is more significant in males that in females, especially during younger ages. Body mass that increases in boys, as they grow, together with increase in hemoglobin content also explains the increase peak oxygen uptake (Coelho-E-Silva, Cupido-dos-Santos, Figueredo, Armstrong, & Ferreira, 2013). Brown, Miller, & Eason (2006) also explain that weight, age, and sex are significant factors

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